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Project Management and Consulting

Project Management and Consulting

Our consultants are experienced and highly qualified, capable of providing
appropriate support in project and quality management, in order to optimize
deadlines and resources, reduce costs, minimize risks and
guarantee top-quality.

  • Strategic planning of deadlines and resources
  • Planning and Management of Project and Test
  • Interface between the engineering and manufacturing areas
  • Task, documentation and modification management
  • Definition of production processes
  • Supply Chain Management and Try-outs
  • Preparation and moderation of meetings (Design Review/Project Review)
  • Optimizing of processes, variants, mass and costs (CAD and CAE synergy)
  • Product Benchmark Analysis

Quality Management

  • Support for quality related areas (FMEA, Kaizen, APQP, PDCA, etc.)
  • Planning and Product Quality Management
  • Root cause detection
  • Technical solutions for quality problems
  • Process optimization and internal procedures for quality assurance